The Exceptions resource provides a list of shipments that have issues preventing them from being shipped. It only applies to shipments that are processed at facilities managed by BoxC. Users should contact their BoxC representative to resolve any outstanding exceptions. This results in the shipment being returned to the sender in most cases.


The following table lists all possible exceptions and their descriptions. The Type is equivalent to the type property in the responses.

Type Description
Bad Label The shipment has a label that cannot be read by the barcode scanners. The label needs to be reprinted.
Damaged The shipment is damaged and cannot be sent until it is repacked.
Dangerous Goods The shipment contains illegal, harmful, or dangerous goods and cannot be sent.
Duplicate A shipment with that tracking number was already recently processed. It cannot be sent as is.
Oversized The shipment's dimensions exceed the limit and must be returned to sender.
Overweight The shipment's weight exceeds the limit for the given service.
Unrecognized The shipment cannot be identified by the system and must be re-manifested or returned to sender.


The following table lists all possible statuses and their descriptions. The Status is equivalent to the status property in the responses.

Status Description
Destroyed The shipment was destroyed on site as requested by the sender, or because it was on hold for too long.
On Hold The shipment is on hold pending further action. Default state
Overlabeled The shipment was overlabeled with the same label or a new one depending on the message. The notes property will contain further information.
Returned to Sender The shipment was returned to the sender.


GET /exceptions Retrieves a paginated list of exceptions
GET /exceptions/{id} Retrieves an exception



{"created": "2016-06-20 13:11:17"}

String - The date and time the exception occurred in UTC. Set by the system.

{"id": 4041728}

Integer - The unique ID of the exception. Set by the system.

{"notes": "New shipment ID: 189821"}

String - Extra information about the status of the shipment such as a new shipment ID for an overlabel. Set by the system. Default: null.

{"shipment_id": 137021}

Integer - The shipment ID if known. Set by the system. Default: null.

{"status": "On Hold"}

String - The current status of the exception. Set by the system. See the table above.

{"tracking_number": "9276129999028110102911"}

String - The tracking number if known. Set by the system. Default: null.

{"type": "Unrecognized"}

String - The type of exception. Set by the system. See the table above.
Retrieves an exception
GET /exceptions/146982

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "exception": {
        "created": "2016-06-20 13:11:17",
        "id": 404519,
        "notes": null,
        "shipment_id": 146982,
        "status": "On Hold",
        "tracking_number": "9276129999028110102911",
        "type": "Damaged"