Date Version Changes
2023-12-06 1.89
  • Added: Credentials resource.
2023-11-03 1.88
  • Added: cost and total_cost to Estimate.
  • Deprecated: oversize_fee from all resources. Any oversize costs will be added to the surcharge.
  • Removed: tax from Estimate.
2023-10-16 1.87
  • Added: zonos_customer_id to Shipments.
2023-10-02 1.86
  • Removed: page, date_start, and date_end query parameters that were previously deprecated.
2023-09-22 1.85
  • Removed: Shopify as a shop type. Consider using a third party platform for integration your ecommerce shops with the BoxC API.
  • Deprecated: shop.settings.default_service
  • Deprecated: shop.settings.partial_fulfillment
  • Deprecated: shop.settings.packing_slip
  • Deprecated: shop.connected
  • Deprecated: shop.expires
2023-09-13 1.84
  • Added: ignore_bad_address to shipments and orders. Users may now ignore shipping address errors by setting ignore_bad_address to true. This also means the shipment will not include insurance coverage unless the shipment was verified.
2023-09-06 1.83
  • Removed: override from shipments and orders.
  • Removed: verified from shipments.
  • Removed: override_fee from labels.
2023-08-15 1.82
  • Added: created_min and created_max to Shipments and Orders search endpoints to replace date_start and date_end.
  • Added: error code 1031.
2023-08-14 1.81
  • Added: Track resource for tracking shipments.
2023-08-10 1.80
  • Added: Validate Address resource for validating postal addresses.
  • Added endpoint for processing shipments. Only authorized clients that process shipments at their facility have access.
  • Updated: error code 1009.
2023-07-29 1.79
  • Added: next_page to searchable API endpoints for paginating entities. See Paginate for information.
  • Added: page_token to query parameters when searching Shipments, Orders, etc. This will replace the page query parameter in a future update.
  • Added: error code 1025.
  • Deprecated: page from query parameters when searching. Use page_token instead.
  • Deprecated: date_start and date_end parameters from searchable endpoints.
  • Removed: the product hs_code property.
  • Removed: total_pages and the total count (e.g. total_shipments) from searchable API endpoints.
2023-07-18 1.78
  • Added: active to Webhooks. Webhook addresses that don't respond with a successful status 1000 consecutive times are deactivated until the client updates the malfunctioning webhook.
2023-07-10 1.77
  • Added: to Shipments and Orders. Consignor email address is required for some countries.
2023-07-02 1.76
  • Added: currency to Shipments. This enables shippers to pay using a separate account balance other than USD. Defaults to USD. All associated costs and fees for the shipment will be shown and invoiced in the requested currency.
  • Changed: currency in Estimate returns only routes / rates in the requested currency. Defaults to USD.
  • Deprecated: override_fee is no longer used and will be removed in a future update.
  • Removed: tax from labels.
2023-06-08 1.75
  • Added: order_number and comments to shipments_status webhook.
2023-05-01 1.74
  • Removed: the deprecated authorization workflow and applications that were replaced with OAuth 2.0 clients.
  • Removed: error codes 1001, 1002, 1006.
2023-04-26 1.73
  • Added: order_number to Shipments. This new property can be used as a reference and is searchable.
2023-02-08 1.72
  • Changed: The service name for shipments and orders is no longer limited to BoxC services. Shippers may now specify which carrier-product service to use. More service combinations will become available over time as routes are updated.
  • Added: Carrier Services documentation which provides information about various carrier-products BoxC supports.
2022-12-18 1.71
  • Added: Classify resource for getting HS codes and descriptions for products.
2022-11-12 1.70
  • Added country to tracking events.
  • Added country, entry_point, and exit_point to shipments_status webhook topic.
2022-10-13 1.69
  • Added: credit_limits to the Users resource. It is an object that provides a list of credit limits for this user similar to balances. Some users might have credit limits or balances in different currencies.
  • Changed: most actions for the Overpacks resource is no longer rate limited.
  • Removed: the deprecated credit_limit property from Users.
2022-10-07 1.68
  • Changed: Access Tokens and the entire authorization flow. Refer to the OAuth 2.0 section for further details. The old applications and access tokens will be removed in the future.
  • Added: carrier_params to Shipments. This allows users to provide their own carrier specific settings such as account IDs, contact numbers, tokens, etc.
  • Added: is_return to Shipments and Estimate. This informs routing that this shipment is a return and will select the correct carrier product if any are available.
  • Added: error code 1007, 1008
  • Changed: error code 1003
2022-09-24 1.67
  • Added: New topic to Webhooks named manifests_complete that users can subscribe to when they manifest their own shipments.
2022-07-18 1.66
  • Added carrier property to Shipments. This grants clients the ability to select the last mile carrier when creating and updating a shipment. An error is returned if no routes exist given the combination of parameters provided by the client. For example, the chosen carrier might be available for some services, weight ranges, exit points, countries, etc. but not necessarily all at once.
  • Added carrier parameter to the Estimate resource.
2022-07-06 1.65
  • The webhook topic shipments_status now pushes every new tracking event to subscribers instead of only those that change the shipment's state.
  • Event codes 100 and 105 are now pushed to webhook subscribers when a shipment label is created and processed.
2022-04-14 1.64 Tax and Duty (DDP)
  • Taxes and duty are now calculated for DDP shipments and included in the total cost.
  • Added tax to shipment line_items[]. This is calculated by BoxC for DDP routes during shipment create/update only.
  • Added tax property to shipments that reflects the sum of all taxes paid/owed for the shipment.
  • Estimate no longer returns a non-zero amount for tax. It will always return 0 for tax to remain backwards compatible.
  • Deprecated tax property for labels.
  • Added duty to shipment line_items[]. This is calculated by BoxC for most DDP routes during shipment create/update only because it's based on the contents of the shipment.
  • Added duty property to shipments that reflects the sum of all duty paid/owed for the shipment.
  • Added optional url property to shipment line_items[] for product URL.
  • Removed deprecated endpoint PUT /labels.
  • Removed error code 1241.
  • Added error codes 1242, 1243.
2022-03-03 1.63
  • Overpack weight rounds to one significant digit after the decimal point.
2022-01-18 1.62
  • Requests made to the configured webhook address will not follow any redirects.
2021-10-31 1.61 Balances
  • Multiple balances in different currencies are now supported and available in the Users endpoint.
  • Added balances property to the Users endpoint. This is a list of key-values where currency is the key and the amount of the balance is the value. The balance property only reflects a User's USD balance which is default.
  • Removed the email alert when a balance dips below a certain amount. This logic should be handled by the applications.
  • Deprecated balance and credit_limit properties in Users.
  • Removed return_address property from Users.
Invoices & Receipts
  • A single PDF is generated every week summarizing the transactions for each category. A page is added to the PDF invoice for each balance in different currencies - typically just one page for USD. Each page has a unique ID that's associated to the one in the Invoices API. A receipt for all payments received during the week is included for each currency / balance as part of the Invoice document.
  • Added name, currency, start_date, end_date to Invoices.
  • Changed created to a datetime string.
  • Removed CSV and XLS data types from the Invoices API. CSV files can be downloaded from the account application which list all transactions during that time period.
2021-09-22 1.60
  • Added exit_point to Estimate resource for filtering routes that only go to a requested port.
  • Added exit_point to Shipments. It allows users to select which IATA port to transport shipments to for last mile. Default is null which allows the system to determine the port. If a requested a exit_point is not supported then an error is returned.
2021-07-31 1.59
  • Added claim_url to Shipments.
2021-07-24 1.58
  • Added ability to search for shipments using the tracking number.
2021-07-22 1.57
  • Added read-only insured_value property to Shipments.
  • Line item values in new Shipments are converted to USD if they're not already.
2021-07-19 1.56
  • Added optional insurance property to Orders. Setting this property to true will add insurance to any shipments used to fulfill the order.
  • Some accounts may not be allowed to insure their shipments which will result in insurance being set to false during order processing after the order was created.
2021-06-08 1.55
  • Added error code 1011. Shipments to some countries such as those in the EU require a Consignor Tax ID for customs clearance.
2021-04-30 1.54 Insurance
  • By default all shipments except for BoxC Post include insurance that covers up to $30 of the total item value.
  • Insurance can be enabled/disabled per account so some users may not be able to insure their shipments.
  • Added insurance property to Shipments that increases the maximum insured value beyond $30.
  • Added insurance query parameter to the Estimate resource.
  • Added insurance_fee property to Labels. This fee is added to the total_cost of a shipment and included in invoices.
2021-04-21 1.53
  • Added 4 dangerous goods: SDEC1, SDEC2, SDEC3, SDEC4. Shipments and Products can use these codes only after approval from BoxC operations because proper documents are required for shipping.
2021-04-04 1.52
  • Total pages and total results now return an integer 0 to speed up response times while searching the various resources. Applications should continue to paginate over the search results until the current resultset is less than the query limit.
2021-03-29 1.51
  • Exposed carrier in tracking events.
  • Increased max limit of products search to 250.
2021-03-08 1.50
  • Added denied party screening that will determine if the recipient of a shipment is a high risk. High risk parties will prevent a shipment from being created. Medium risk parties require an override by BoxC support.
  • Added error codes: 1240, 1241.
2021-03-04 1.49 Surcharge
  • Surcharge is added to shipments based on the route. Some routes may not have a surcharge added. It's calculated by using chargeable weight. It will appear as a separate line item in labels and invoices.
  • Added surcharge to Estimate.
  • Added surcharge to Labels.
2021-02-05 1.48
  • Changed the number of retries for webhook events to 3 within one hour. Topics will not be deleted after the fourth attempt.
2021-01-26 1.47
  • Added new status to orders: Archived. Orders fulfilled 90 days in the past are archived by the system. They do not appear in the search results, but can be fetched individually by id.
  • Order results are ordered by id when searching.
2020-11-13 1.46
  • The API returns an error if a duplicate is detected while trying to create an order. A duplicate order is determined by a matching and shop.order_id.
2020-10-29 1.45
  • Added new optional attribute products[].cost to Inbound shipments. It is the cost per unit from the manufacturer for this product at the time of inbounding in USD. Used by Customs in some countries for warehousing inventory. It may be different from the cost in Products at the time of manufacturing.
2020-10-23 1.44 Packaging
  • Products support packaging. Users can indicate a product is packaging while creating a new product by setting is_packaging to true, but it can't be changed later. Existing packaging in the system was migrated as new products so check your accounts. Packaging can be included in an inbound shipment and its quantity tracked at each warehouse.
  • Added: is_packaging attribute to Inbound Shipments.
  • Added: ability to filter Products search by packaging.
Product HS Codes
  • Products support HS codes for multiple countries. Users may set the HS code for a product for each country they plan on warehousing and shipping them to. Fulfilled orders will use the destination country's HS code if available for that product.
  • The current hs_code was deprecated and will only update the corresponding HS code for the US if changed.
  • Added: created attribute to Products.
  • Fixed: Inbound shipments are creating products at the requested warehouse if it did not exist there before.
  • Added: warehouses WH0BEY01 and WH0SZX02.
  • Added: entry point BEY001.
  • Removed: entry point SZXI11.
2020-10-06 1.43
  • Webhooks are now GA.
2020-10-01 1.42
  • Added timezone to Users resource.
2020-09-16 1.41
  • Added: event codes 109, 134, 135, 140.
  • Updated: event code 192's description to "DELIVERY SCHEDULED".
2020-09-04 1.40
  • Added: new topic shipments_label to Webhooks. This allows users receive a base 64 encoded label file after a shipment is created. Particularly useful for asynchronous label generation.
  • Added: new property is_ready to Labels. This indicates the label file is available for download.
2020-09-02 1.39
  • Deprecated: the ability to select label size using the size property. The system determines optimal size of the label based on carrier requirements. The size is typically 4x6 in or ~100x150 mm.
2020-08-28 1.38 Overpacks
  • Added: terms, exit_point, type86, external_tracking, carrier, and contains_dg properties to overpacks.
  • Added: carrier to the Labels resource.
  • Added: error code 1252.
  • Modified overpack creation to no longer require an entry point or service type. These attributes and others will be inherited by the first shipment n. All shipments require identical attributes to be a part of the same overpack. Errors will be returned for any n + 1 shipments that do not match.
  • Modified the physical appearance of the label to support additional routing logic.
  • Some carriers require custom messaging on the labels while others require a completely different label altogether. The system handles this logic on your behalf.
  • Deprecated: the ability to add shipments to overpacks using the Shipments and Labels resources. All future overpacking should be performed with the Overpacks resource by using one of:,, or label.tracking_number. A shipment can be removed from an overpack by setting shipment.overpack_id to a falsy value.
2020-07-30 1.37
  • Added irregular boolean to Estimate and Shipments resources to calculate volumetric weight of irregularly shaped polybags and soft packaging processed by machines.
2020-07-16 1.36
  • Added: error code 1270.
  • Fixed: prevent empty overpacks and overpacks with test shipments from being manifested.
  • Fixed: creating a manifest now returns the total_shipments in the response.
2020-07-07 1.35
  • Clients may now force the warehouse used to fulfill an order by setting the attribute when creating and updating orders. The default behavior is to process orders without preference.
2020-06-24 1.34
  • The currency attribute for a shipment's line item now accepts most currencies.
  • Added currency as a query parameter to the Estimate resource for multi-currency support when calculating taxes.
  • Fixed: estimates require entry_point and country to fetch accurate rates.
2020-06-19 1.33
  • Added event code 106 to tracking events.
2020-06-09 1.32
  • Added delivery_address to Entry Points.
2020-06-08 1.31
  • Added name, street1, street2, province, postal_code, and notes to Entry Points.
  • Deprecated address in Entry Points.
2020-06-04 1.30
  • Added exit_point to Labels.
2020-05-23 1.29
  • Added overpacks_details property when requesting a single manifest. This new property provides more details about the overpacks contained within.
  • Added total_shipments when requesting a single manifest.
  • Enhanced error code messages related to manifests.
2020-03-17 1.28
  • Added an endpoint for testing webhook integrations.
2020-02-28 1.27
  • Added a new topic to Webhooks called orders_status
2020-01-17 1.26
  • Added tax to labels for shipments that use DDP incoterms. Tax is included in the total cost of a shipment.
  • Added tax to the estimate resource.
  • Removed tax from Shipment line_items as it wasn't being used.
2020-01-13 1.25
  • Added the consignee object to Orders and Shipments. This is an optional property for most countries. It will inherit the shipping address if not provided. Some countries will now require a tax ID.
  • Removed the deprecated properties coo, contents, dg_code, hs_code, quantity, value from Shipments.
  • Shipment line_items is now a requirement.
2019-12-17 1.24
  • Added the terms property to Orders.
2019-12-04 1.23
  • Added fulfilled and packed datetimes to the fulfillment objects.
  • Added the placed_at property to Orders.
2019-10-05 1.22
  • Added a Webhooks resource (Beta) to the API along with additional error codes.
  • Added delivery_date and status properties to the label object.
2019-09-23 1.21
  • Added gift_message property to Orders to be included on the packing slip if requested.
2019-09-10 1.20
  • Added settings.packing_slip property to Shops. Orders imported from third party stores may now include a packing slip by default. Additional fees may apply so contact support.
  • Added updated property to Shipments.
2019-07-30 1.19
  • Added terms property to Shipments. These Incoterms affect the routes available for a shipment.
2019-07-25 1.18
  • Added default_service property to shop settings. Orders imported from integrated third party shops like Shopify will inherit this setting as their shipping service. If the default service isn't available then it will be downgraded.
2019-07-22 1.17.1
  • Added two rate limiting headers to the API to assist with tracking the number of requests.
2019-07-06 1.17
  • Added rate limiting to the API.
2019-06-13 1.16
  • Added calculated gross_weight, chargeable_weight, and volumetric_weight values to the Estimate resource.
  • Added volumetric_weight to the Shipments resource.
  • Added chargeable_weight to the Labels resource.
2019-06-05 1.15
  • Added exception_on_failure option when creating Orders.
2019-05-03 1.14
  • Added id to consignor address for Shipments and Orders.
2019-03-26 1.13
  • Deprecated Users' return_address. It no longer has any effect. Developers should include their custom return address for each shipment or order, or the system will use a default address.
  • The Users' address is now the personal or company address and not necessarily the same as the consignor address. Developers should include the consignor address for each shipment and order.
  • The API no longer inherits a user's return address for from or company address for consignor properties from their account settings when creating shipments and orders. It's up to the developer or application to handle the consignor and return address going forward.
2019-03-05 1.12.1
  • Removed the ability to set the overpack_id upon shipment creation.
  • DG and non-DG shipments can no longer be mixed in the same overpack for select entry points.
2019-01-28 1.12
  • New routing and rates introduced.
  • Removed "BoxC" service (previously deprecated).
  • Added "BoxC Post" service.
  • Removed shipping_method in Shipments as it's no longer used and won't appear in the responses.
2018-12-26 1.11.4
  • Added the sold_for property to order line_items.
2018-10-10 1.11.3
  • Added tracking events to Shipments.label when retrieving a single shipment as a property called events.
2018-05-21 1.11.2
  • Shipments may now be filtered by processed.
  • Manifests may now be filtered by entry_point.
2018-05-11 1.11.1
  • Added codes property to inbound shipments.
  • Added warehouse_no property to manifests.
2018-04-26 1.11.0
  • Orders with a status of 'Partial' can now be updated, but partial_fulfillment can't be changed.
  • The status of 'Partial' orders will change to 'Packing' if one or more line items are being packed.
  • Querying GET /orders will now return some details about the associated line_items and fulfillments - most importantly, tracking information - so that users won't need to request each order individually.
  • Added cost property to Products. Default is 0 for existing products. This value represents the cost value (not retail value) of the product for insurance purposes.
  • Changed order importing from Shopify to import orders that were updated (rather than created) 15 or less days ago.
2018-02-07 1.10.0
  • Deprecated several Shipment properties: quantity, value, coo, hs_code, dg_code, contents. Users should begin using the line_items property instead which includes additional fields.
  • Deprecated "BoxC" service and renamed it to "BoxC Parcel". All resources that contain a service property will default to "BoxC Parcel".
2017-11-22 1.9.0
  • Added the barcode property to Products that grants users the option to specify existing physical barcodes on their products. The default barcode is the product ID when none is provided. Existing products will inherit the warehouse barcode settings.
2017-11-15 1.8.15
2017-10-09 1.8.14
  • Added signature_confirmation to Orders.
2017-08-02 1.8.13-beta
  • Added ability to print product barcodes for inbounding at BoxC warehouses.
  • Added ability to bulk print up to 100 product barcodes.
  • Added dimensions property to Products for bulk printing.
  • Added error code 1337.
  • Added error code 1220.
2017-07-31 1.8.12-beta
  • Added optional carrier and tracking_number properties to the Manifests resource for monitoring inbound deliveries of shipments to BoxC warehouses.
2017-07-14 1.8.11-beta
  • Added packing_slip to the Orders resource.
  • Added packaging_fee and packing_slip_fee to Orders.fulfillments.
2017-05-03 1.8.10-beta
  • is no longer required when searching for product SKUs.
2017-04-12 1.8.9-beta
  • Added the notes property to the Inbound resource.
  • Made an inbound object's carrier and tracking_number properties optional (default: null).
2017-04-03 1.8.8-beta
  • Added the ability to override address verification for some services using the override property in the Orders resource.
2017-03-20 1.8.7-beta
  • Added a new status, "Holding", to Orders. This status can be set by the user to prevent an order from being processed by the system. The user can remove the holding status by updating the status property to "Processing".
  • The Orders status property may now be changed to "Holding" or "Processing".
2017-03-17 1.8.6-beta
  • Added two new Dangerous Goods: 0965, 0968.
  • Added signature_confirmation to Shipments.
  • Added signature_confirmation as a query parameter to Estimate.
2017-03-12 1.8.5-beta
  • Added fulfillment_id to line_items in the Orders resource.
2017-03-09 1.8.4-beta
  • Added service to the Orders resource. It defaults to "BoxC" and behaves like Shipments where some services are not available for select routes.
  • Shipments now accepts other countries in the shipping address other than "US" for select entry points starting with SZXI01. The return address still requires an address in the US. Parcels to the rest of the world use a return address provided by a third party until further notice.
2017-02-24 1.8.3-beta
  • Changed the id for Labels to be a system assigned integer so it's no longer the same as the tracking_number. Both the id and tracking_number are interchangeable in the URI.
2017-02-20 1.8.2-beta
  • Orders may now be searched using the query parameter.
2017-02-09 1.8.1-beta
  • Added pagination to Shops and the ability to search by shop name.
2017-01-10 1.8.0-beta
  • Dangerous Goods
    • Added dg_code to the Shipments resource. This property is used to indicate a shipment contains a permitted dangerous good thus limiting the services and routes a shipment may use. There are no additional fees.
    • Added dg_code to the Products resource.
    • Added dg_code to orders' line_items. This value is inherited from the corresponding product.
    • The Estimate resource now accepts one or more dg_code parameters and will only return services that allow the requested dangerous goods.
  • Product Descriptions
    • A product must now have a description in the local language for each warehouse it's held at. For example, if a product is stored in Shenzhen, China it must have a description in Chinese in addition to its default description. If multiple warehouses have the same local language then updates to the product description will propagate to all warehouses with the same language_code.
    • Users must use the local_descriptions property to modify product descriptions in different languages.
    • Added language and language_code (ISO 639-1) to the Warehouses resource.
    • Added description and language to the warehouses property for Products. This is the description of the product in the warehouse's local language.
    • Added language and language_code to the warehouse property for Inbound shipments.
  • Added coo and hs_code to the Products resource.
  • Add a new status to the Orders resource: Exception. If there's a problem with the order then its status will change to "Exception". The user must correct the problem before it can be processed again.
  • Added address verification for Orders destined to the US.
  • Added email to the shipping address for Orders and Shipments.
  • Removed error codes: 1051, 1202.
  • Added new error code: 1012.
2016-12-08 1.7.6-beta
  • Added new error code: 1144.
2016-11-30 1.7.5-beta
  • Removed oversize_fee from the top level of the Estimate resource and added it to each service. Each shipping method's total_cost now includes the oversize fee for that service if applicable.
  • Updated error code 1051 to be more descriptive.
2016-11-07 1.7.4-beta
  • Added the ability to search for Manifests.
  • Products can now be sorted by quantity.
2016-10-10 1.7.3-beta
  • Added the ability to search for shipments by the recipient's name.
  • Added the ability to search for shipments by the overpack_id.
  • Added the ability to search for shipments by checking each item in comments.
2016-09-26 1.7.2-beta
  • Added shipping_methods to the Estimate resource for each service. By default all services have a "Standard" shipping method and an empty string for the corresponding code. Some routes may have additional shipping methods and non-empty codes. The code can be used to select the shipping method while creating shipments.
  • Deprecated the root total_cost property for estimates.
  • Added the shipping_method property to the Shipments resource. By default all shipments will be created using the "Standard" shipping method for the given service which is represented by an empty string.
  • Updated error code: 1202.
  • Added new tracking event code: 319.
2016-09-06 1.7.1-beta
  • Added the backordered property to Products. This number indicates the total backordered quantity for a given product.
  • The new Returns resources are now generally available.
  • Products search method can now be sorted by id, name, or backordered.
  • Added new error code: 1336.
2016-08-23 1.7.0-beta
  • Added Subscriptions to the Users resource. Currently, only BoxC owned applications can create subscriptions. Subscriptions will appear as a separate Charge on users' invoices.
  • Added a preview of the Returns component to the API which includes two new resources: The new resources will be generally available in a future update.
  • Only users with a subscription to Returns By BoxC will have their returned shipments processed. They will also be able to verify and reship packages.
  • Returns processing and reshipping fees will be deducted from account balances and appear on users' invoices under a Returns section.
  • Verifying returns will appear as a separate Charge on users' invoices.
  • Added new error codes: 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 1120, 1121, 1122, 1140, 1141, 1142, 1143.
2016-07-28 1.6.4-beta
  • Added the delay_processing field to the Shop's settings property. The default value is 0 for existing shops.
2016-07-21 1.6.3-beta
  • Added the code property to the events array for Labels.
  • Added a list of descriptions that will be encountered while retrieving a label's tracking history. See the Tracking Events page for further details.
2016-07-19 1.6.2-beta
  • Added ability to search for Products by name or SKU.
  • Added new error codes: 1030, 1204, 1219.
2016-06-24 1.6.1-beta
  • Added the Exceptions resource.
  • Added new error code: 1230.
2016-06-07 1.6.0-beta
  • OAuth and Access Tokens
    • The access token creation and verification logic was changed internally, but the authorization flow remains the same. All tokens will be permanently deleted on Tuesday, June 7 at 12:00pm EDT. This means users will need to reauthorize your application in order to use the API again.
    • Added a DELETE method to the OAuth resource for revoking access tokens.
  • Fulfillment Service
    • Various resources for the fulfillment service are now available for production purposes. The API can be used to perform CRUD on orders, products, shops, inbound shipments, and warehouses.
    • A new web application for fulfillment is available at The current application ( will be taken offline after existing users are transitioned to the new website. Users must add their products and shops to the new web application - or via the API directly - to prevent service disruption.
2016-05-11 1.5.17-beta
  • Added id to the label and labels properties for the Shipments resource. In most cases the id is the same as the label's tracking_number.
  • Added label_id to the shipments property for the Overpacks resource. In most cases the label_id is the same as the tracking_number.
2016-04-18 1.5.16-beta
  • Added service property to the Overpacks resource. Defaults to "BoxC". All current overpacks were changed to "BoxC".
  • Shipments must be sorted by service when placing them in overpacks. The system will return an error if you attempt to add a shipment to an overpack that doesn't have the same service.
  • Limited the number of labels that can be printed to 100 while using POST /labels/bulk.
  • Updated error code 1217 to: "Shipment and overpack must use the same service".
  • Increased maximum search limit for Invoices to 100.
2016-04-04 1.5.15-beta
  • Added the Entry Points resource.
2016-03-19 1.5.14-beta
  • Changed the naming convention for Entry Points. Older entry points are deprecated and aliased to automatically change to the new ones. Applications should make updates to use the new entry point codes.
2016-03-05 1.5.13-beta
  • Added return_address to Users resource so users can set their default return address using the API. Only the is required.
  • The from property for Shipments is now optional. It will inherit the user's return address setting if not provided. If the user's default return address isn't set then it will use a return address belonging to BoxC.
2016-02-24 1.5.12-beta
  • Removed the authorized_apps property from Users resource.
2016-02-09 1.5.11-beta
  • Added the processed_weight property to Labels.
  • The cost for Labels represents the corrected/invoiced cost of the label if processed.
  • The total_cost for Shipments uses the sum of the corrected/billed cost if processed, or the original cost if not processed.
2016-01-31 1.5.10-beta
  • Added the labeled search parameter to Shipments.
  • Added the packed search parameter to Shipments.
2016-01-30 1.5.9-beta
  • Removed the barcode property from Labels.
2016-01-18 1.5.8-beta
  • Added the XLS file type for downloading Invoices.
  • Removed the file property from Invoices.
  • Added actual_weight to the Invoice file. This is not retroactive.
2015-12-27 1.5.7-beta
  • Added a consignor property to the Shipments resource that's used for Customs. It inherits the user's company address and phone number if it's not provided.
  • Company address is now required before creating shipments in addition to overpacks.
2015-12-16 1.5.6-beta
  • Increased the max length of contents to 255 for Shipments.
2015-12-11 1.5.5-beta
  • Increased the default search history to 90 days past for Shipments.
  • Increased the default search history to 90 days past for Overpacks.
2015-11-29 1.5.4-beta
  • Updated Invoices resource to no longer include date_start and date_end properties. Invoices can potentially be created every day if necessary.
  • Added created property to Invoices.
2015-11-27 1.5.3-beta
  • Removed error code 1207.
  • Reversed user balances so that outstanding balances appear as a negative number and users that added funds to their account will have a positive balance that decreases rather than increases.
2015-11-17 1.5.2-beta
  • Changed SHCN to SHCN1 as an entry_point and made it available as an option.
  • Added quantity property to Shipments.
2015-11-05 1.5.1-beta
  • Added another size option when creating Labels: 4x4 inches. The default size remains at 4x6.
  • Changed default value of create_label to false.
  • Retrieving a single overpack now returns all shipments - even those without labels.
2015-10-23 1.5.0-beta
  • Added the ability to choose a shipping service: BoxC or BoxC Plus. Both have different rates and transit times.
  • Added service property to Shipments. It defaults to BoxC.
  • Updated Estimate resource to display services and transit times.
  • Added service property to Labels output. This is inherited from the Shipment at the time of creation.
2015-10-22 1.4.2-beta
  • Added a new resource for Invoices that allows a user to retrieve all debits and credits every 2 weeks.
  • The Shipments' and Overpacks' created property is no longer incorrectly changed when updates to objects occur.
  • Added new error code: 1090.
2015-10-15 1.4.1-beta
  • Added an option called create_label to the Shipments resource that allows the user to create a label automatically when creating or updating a shipment. Default value is true.
  • Added new error codes: 1207, 1217.
2015-10-12 1.4.0-beta
  • Refactored the Manifests resource so it's now a persistent object. As a result, the actions have changed considerably.
  • Changed some wording for the error codes pertaining to Manifests.
  • Added a new error code: 1275.
2015-10-08 1.3.2-beta
  • Added the ability to provide a custom return address to the Shipments resource. If one isn't provided, the system will use a default return address belonging to BoxC.
2015-10-04 1.3.1-beta
  • Overpacks resource now returns shipment IDs and their tracking numbers for single overpack retrieval.
  • You can now pass null to PUT Labels in order to remove shipments from overpacks.
  • phone is now optional.
  • Reduced override fee to $0.
  • Added new error codes: 1273, 1274.
2015-09-27 1.3.0-beta
  • Changed Labels resource so that only PDF can be downloaded.
  • Reduced the label file size 95%.
  • Added a bulk PDF download action to the Labels resource.
2015-09-15 1.2.2-beta
  • Added events property to Labels resource that displays tracking history for the label.
  • Changed the Shipments search response to only include one uncancelled label for each shipment.
2015-09-13 1.2.1-beta
  • Added new action for easily assigning shipments to overpacks by scanning labels: PUT /labels/{id}.
  • Removed the ability from Overpacks resource to add shipments to overpacks in bulk.
2015-09-10 1.2.0-beta
  • Added the Manifests resource.
  • Added new error codes to reflect the changes: 1251, 1270, 1271, 1272.
  • Added HTTP Basic Authentication for users who wish to access resources with a browser.
  • Added locked property to Overpacks.
2015-09-01 1.1.1-beta
  • Added paginated list retrieval for Overpacks.
  • Added total_shipments and total_pages to Shipments' paginated list retrieval.
  • Refactored Overpack labels to be a 4x6 label in PDF.
  • Added address check for Users when operating on Overpacks: error code 1015.
2015-08-25 1.1.0-beta
  • Added Overpacks resource.
  • Added Users resource.
  • Added phone to Shipments:to property.
  • Added hs_code to Shipments for item values greater than $800 USD.
  • Added coo to Shipments for country of origin. Defaults to "CN".
  • Changed origin to entry_point. We're now using codes for entry points instead of cities and countries. The Estimate and Shipments resources were updated to reflect the changes.
  • Added entry points for Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.
  • Added new error codes to reflect the changes: 1213, 1214, 1215, 1216, 1250.
2015-08-01 1.0.1-beta
  • Added origin property to Shipments. The origin includes a city and country code that represent the drop off location (and base rates) for created shipments. Only Shanghai, CN and Shenzhen, CN are supported. The default origin settings can be changed in your application's management console. You can override the default origin settings when creating a shipment.
2015-06-01 1.0.0-beta First version for testing. Revisions and bug fixes will be added regularly.