Below is a list of permitted dangerous goods and their respective codes. The "DG Code" is equivalent to a product or shipment's dg_code. Shipments and orders that contain dangerous goods have less services to choose from.

DG Code Description
0965 Lithium-ion Batteries Loose
0966 Lithium-ion Batteries Packed with Equipment
0967 Lithium-ion Batteries Contained in Equipment
0968 Lithium metal Batteries Loose
0969 Lithium metal Batteries Packed with Equipment
0970 Lithium metal Batteries Contained in Equipment
ORMD1 ORM-D Dry Cell Batteries
ORMD2 ORM-D Liquid (Limited Quantity)
ORMD3 ORM-D Powder (Limited Quantity)
SDEC1 Dry Cell Batteries Contained in Equipment
SDEC2 Magnets Contained in Equipment
SDEC3 Beauty Products Containing Powder or Liquid